Friday, 2 November 2012

Colour conundrum

I just can't help myself with this alliteration thing in my post titles.  It's getting out of control.

Anyway, you may have been wondering what is going on with my chair project.  Or maybe you haven't. Regardless, I can tell you that in typical spring fashion, the weather here just hasn't been playing ball.  It has been either too wet or too windy to paint outside and I can't bring myself to fume out the house with the smell of enamel undercoat by painting it indoors.  So, it's given me probably a little too much time to pore over colour charts.

I want a colour that is unexpected, but that also won't date too quickly.  Naturally, I found myself asking what would Gerard Butler choose?  He seems like a man with an eye for colour and who has many different moods (all of them good), being Scottish and all.  Plus Scotland is all kinds of cool.

Hey lassie, need some help with your colour charts?

Excuse me, where was I going with this?  I was momentarily distracted by something.

Ah, yes, I'm now leaning towards a certain palette but I'm having a bit of trouble settling upon a final colour. Compounding the problem is the cost of paint, and if I don't get the colour right, it is quite expensive to fix. This is why I belong in the "white is alright" camp.  White is safe.  It goes with everything.  It doesn't scream "last painted when Rick Astley was telling you he was never gonna give you up".

Here are the colours I have whittled my selection down to (Disclaimer: the following may or may not be actual Resene descriptions):

This is Resene Scandal, a clean transparent blue, reminiscent of Gerard's ice-cool gaze:
Resene Scandal
See, his eye colour is nearly a perfect match:

What about Resene Kumutoto, a frolic of maritime inspired aqua:
Resene Kumutoto...
...or maybe Half Kumutoto
It's a more playful hue, with a hint of daring, not unlike this Gerry (I asked him, and that's his preferred name.  I prefer "The But", but each to their own):

Then there's Resene Half Baked, a lazy hazy summer blue with significant warmth:
Resene Half Baked
Exactly like this Gerry:

Lastly, there is Resene Undercover, a juniper green with an underlying depth, placid and dry. This is a darker colour than the others.  It has a more masculine feel yet it's still soft in a PS I Love You kind of way:
Resene Undercover

Tough choice, don't you think?  Thanks for the inspiration, Gerry.  You're awesome.


  1. you made me giggle. hope you can decide. i'm useless with these types of decisions.

    1. Giggle? I was aiming for thigh-slapping snorts of laughter. I need to up my game.

  2. You are such a crack-up :)


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