Monday, 26 November 2012


I am amazed at the different looks you can achieve with a crochet hook.  If I hadn't made this myself, I would have thought that this block was knitted.

The block gets turned on the diagonal once a row is completed and at the start, it reminded me of working in a crossword grid.  If you take on this pattern, you will understand what I mean.

There was nothing too complex about this one (dare I hope to think that I won't encounter any more pattern errors?), it was another repetitive pattern that achieves quite a nice effect.

Degree of difficulty: Easy
Time taken: 2 hours
Result: I have a definite preference for solid blocks.


  1. Q: How large are the blocks turning out? Just trying to visualise it.

    1. Very good question. My blocks are between 16-18cm square. There is an optional border that frames it so it will probably end up being just over 1 metre square when it's finished. Of course, had I used the large hooks that are specified in the pattern, it would be much bigger but I think it will end up being a nice size for a cot throw (not for me, by the way...)


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