Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Yes, that's right folks, I am going to host my very first giveaway.

Meet Molly and Ringwald (Wally to his friends).  These little mouse pincushions are looking for new homes.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me which has been your favourite blog post so far and which mouse you would prefer.  That's it - oh, and you must also be a member of my blog (hehehehe).

Competition closes this coming Friday night 23 November at 6pm and I will announce two winners on Monday. Your odds are looking pretty good right about now, Sus and Sara :).


  1. Ok you ready.
    While I've enjoyed the party preps and actual party day posts. I like that kind of thing. Also you have gone to lots of effort and I think it is always nice when people recognise and say go you. So go you.

    And I actually liked your hats even if your kids did not. I could relate to the bit about doing market research. "crafting in cotton wool" How funny is that as most people do think of crafty people as soft.

    My favourite 'crack me up' post was 'Colour Conundrum'. It's nice to know others muse over things, such as a chair colour, as much as I do.

    If I was too win I would like the red, blue and white one and I might just keep it for myself.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Sus.

  2. Hope you don't mind I just posted your blog on my facebook page to get you some more followers because you really are very funny!I like most of your posts they make me laugh! I liked the one about the hats too and also the one about Renee wrecking all your family photos. I would appreciate either of them they are both very cute! You wouldn't believe it but I actually don't have a pin cushion just a big container of pins which come to think of it is actually quite annoying!

    1. Thanks for the promo Sara. I think people like to lurk, and that's ok, I'm a blurker too.


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