Friday, 23 November 2012


Just over a third of the way through the blocks and I'm feeling a bit of soreness in my shoulder.  That can't be good.

This was quite a fun one to do, even though there was a half-treble stitch that gave me flashbacks to my flower blanket fiasco, and some more clusters to decipher.

Again, the pattern called for a larger hook, which I ignored.  I am glad I used a different colour for the circle, it draws the eye to that area and away from the uneven outer stitching.

I am working out that it is best to try to complete a block in one sitting, as the tension gets affected if I stop mid-round.  My shoulder's not too happy about that idea.  I need to have a little word with it.

Degree of difficulty: Some tricky areas, but I feel like I am getting the hang of the lace details now
Time taken: 2 hours
Result: One of my favourites.

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