Monday, 29 October 2012

The trees have eyes

It's nearly Halloween.  It's getting more popular here, or maybe I am noticing it more now that I have children who understand that dressing up + hitting up the neighbours for lollies = FUN. Here's a pretty nifty little craft activity that I did with my kids over the weekend.

Don't be fooled by the lovely, clean, orderly workspace in the tutorial.  Our table was covered in glue and gluggy paper after the gluepot was knocked over and more paper ended up setting like concrete on our fingers than on the balloons.  No perfectly-formed orbs for us once we popped the balloons either, I am sad to report.  This was the end result:

Epic fail.  You can imagine the looks on my kids' faces.  We were going to add a handle and use them for holding treats when trick or treating, but they are too flimsy so we blew up another balloon inside each of them and now they are hanging out in our tree.

If you are in the Halloween mood, why not check out this spooky short movie - you might want to view it without your little ones around first to judge if its suitable for them to watch - if you dare.

Happy Halloween!

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