Sunday, 18 November 2012

You scream, I scream

We all scream for ICE CREAM!

Third and last birthday party of the year for this household, not counting the Big Guy on December 25.  Just so you know, I totally was not influenced by the Donna Hay Kids' magazine Issue 9 AT ALL.

We've not had much luck with outdoor parties this year due to the fickle weather, so we had to bring the sunshine indoors again.

With the exception of some ice-cream and donuts, all the food was egg, nut and dairy-free for the birthday girl.  To be told that she is no longer allergic to certain foods would be Sienna's best birthday present ever, but it's not to be so we continue to hope she will outgrow them. There was popcorn, fruit salad, marshmallow, homemade strawberry sorbet and all kinds of toppings. The guests all helped themselves; it was organized chaos.

You will recognize the personalized spoons I was working on earlier in the week.  They ended up being used as placemat markers so the guests could remember where they were sitting when they left the table for second helpings, and thirds...

Instead of a traditional cake, I baked the guests individual "ice-cream" cupcakes.

I think they enjoyed themselves.

Even though your actual birthday is not for a few more days yet...Happy Birthday, Sienna. You are our sunshine.


  1. did they scream? Hope not too much. Just for the photo right. Lucky children.

    1. They did scream for the photo but that's Aimee's natural register anyway. The other two have uncertain looks on their faces. You can just tell they are thinking, "You actually want us to scream - INSIDE??!! Who are you and what have you done with our real Mum?".


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