Friday, 9 November 2012

I do not like them Sam-I-Am

With the warmer weather upon us, my attention has turned towards making new summer hats for each of my girls.  The reason for this is because earlier this year, I made some reversible sun hats using some Dr Seuss fabric with a cow print on the other side.  I thought they looked amazeballs.  They hate them.  This disappoints me.

It was while I was lamenting the fact that I had spent hours drafting, then scaling a pattern (which still needs tweaking), and making four of them (because the first attempt was too small), that I thought to myself I should really have conducted some market research.

When I asked Renee why she didn't like hers, she said it was because it wasn't pink.  Of course.  It's precisely why I like them.  We have no pink sunhats in the house, so she has taken to wearing one inside out because it has pink lining.  It has a care label jutting out with her surname and home phone number flashing like a beacon on it, but she would still rather wear that than the hat I lovingly made for her.  Apparently, there is a pecking order even with ubiquitous hats. The ones I made would be ranked behind Princess Beatrice's one or anything worn by Lady Gaga.

Clearly, Aimee was thrilled at the chance to wear her hat for just a few seconds while I snapped this photo.  Getting her to wear it while smiling and staying still was a bridge too far, even with my bribe (see below):

The Hat:

Thanks for my new hat Mum, you're the BEST

The Sweetener:

Now I shall sit back and wait for all the comments to roll in about how dangerous it is to lick icing off a knife.  This blog is called "Crafting Dangerously" people, not "Crafting in Cotton Wool".

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  1. Don't you hate the pink obsession!!! I have still got to make my girls hats I just make them for everyone else!


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