Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fairy party - take 2

Happy Birthday to my big 5 year old girl!  What a whirlwind the past few days (and years) have been.

With the threat of rain, our planned outdoor garden party setting was brought indoors.  Fairy Trina flew in and weaved her magic on the little ones for an hour.  It was the first time we had used a children's entertainer, and she was truly fantastic.  I know my children and our little guests (and even some of the adults!) will long remember her visit.

Fairy Trina was the first item on Renee's very short list of special birthday requests.  The other was to have a rainbow cake.  Piece of (ahem) cake.  Here are some photos of the occasion.

Invitations were sent out two weeks ago.  That time just evaporated!

Our front door greeting (I love my children's chalkboard):

Sweet Fairy Princess:

Pinwheel decorations:

Banquet table.  All the food is dairy, egg and nut-free to accommodate one of my allergic children:

Fairy wands and mushroom houses (lollipop sticks and mini chalkboard stickers from Pop Roc Parties):

Traffic light jellies, a perennial party favourite:

Fairy fizz:

Rainbow cake:

Fairy dances:

 Face painting:

Guests' lolly necklaces held for safekeeping by fairy pegs:

When Fairy Fizz became Fairy zzzzz:

Happy School Days, Renee. We love you.


  1. busy mama. congrats to you all.

    1. Thanks Sus, she had a great time, we all did. Am feeling a bit sad now though, she's growing up.

  2. What an awesome looking party and the cake looks great (as does everything else!). Happy birthday sweet Renee!

    1. Thanks Sara, two birthday parties down, one to go!


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