Friday, 16 November 2012

Block 2

This uses two different stitches (a treble and a double crochet) rather than just one like the previous block. I had to unravel it in a quite a few places as I lost track of where I was on the pattern.  When I got to the last round, I could not work out why my block looked nothing like the one in the pattern picture.  I soon discovered that there was quite a large mistake in the pattern itself.  I would never have been able to correct it myself, but I was able to find an on-line crochet group working on this blanket who helpfully supplied corrections.  I love you, Internet.

Degree of difficulty: A little trickier for novices than the first block, pays not to have demanding lovely small children in your company when working on this one
Time taken: 2 hours
Result: Wheely, wheely pretty.

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