Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tealight houses

So inspired was I by my beautiful advent calendar purchases, I decided to continue the theme and make some tealight houses.  Slowly, but surely, our living area is turning into a little wonderland of homemade Christmas decorations.

These houses can be downloaded for free through a beautiful, inspirational blog called Yvestown.  I am sure you have heard of it.  If you haven't, it's a feast for the eyes, so do check it out, but not for too long otherwise you might go blind from all its gorgeousness and never be able to read my blog again - and we can't have that now, can we?  For the template, you can go here.

The walls.  You might want to use a special, smaller craft knife for this.  Using my large knife was a bit like digging out a splinter with a crowbar:
No fingers were harmed in the making of this house.

The roof.  The cutout windows aren't actually as rough as they look in this shot (silently curses the high resolution camera):

Beautiful by day:

Magical by night:

Time taken: 20 mins per house
Cost: $0
Result: Gorgeousness in miniature.


  1. aaaawwwwhhhh how cute to see them at someone else's home. Thank you for reading and downloading xox

    1. I love your blog, Yvonne, and I am sure you are one very busy person, so thank you for taking the time to reply.


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