Friday, 14 December 2012

Paper baubles

Owing to the untimely deaths of some baubles in my disastrous wreath-making exercise, our Christmas tree is still looking a little bare in places so I had a go at making some paper baubles.

I used the paper from our weekend magazine, it's a bit better quality than newspaper so the newsprint doesn't smudge once glued.  To make the circles, I used a shot glass as a template (it doesn't see any other use nowadays, sadly).

Then I blew up a water balloon and started glueing the circles onto it, overlapping them and working my way around until the whole balloon was covered.

The font size and style worked really well.  Yes, some panels are upside down, and no, it wasn't intentional.

Then I decided to make more colourful ones.  Here is one in tonal greens using paper from the same magazine:

And in what could be a world first, I made some chevron ornaments.  You saw them here first people.  These were paper bags that I had left over from Sienna's birthday party.  They looked better in my head.

Cost: $0
Time taken: 30 minutes to make one
Result: Our Christmas tree looks very, um, rustic??!  Ok, it totally looks like we can't afford Christmas decorations, but I kinda like it, as do the girls.  My job here is done.


  1. Sorry chevron baubles have been done before see here But I didn't find any paper ones. I looked you see so you may indeed be on to something. Next year you can join our ornament swap. Actually Sara and I will make you.

    1. Hi Sus, I saw the knitted chevron ornaments, I meant that I haven't seen paper ones done before, and there probably is a very good reason for out, you might get one of these castoffs next year if you're not careful.


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