Thursday, 13 December 2012

DIY Christmas gift labels

Less than two weeks until Christmas and I have not started my shopping yet.  Nothing like a bit of last minute hunting for meaningful gifts amongst the heaving crowds to really make it feel like it's Christmas.

I've been having one of those mornings when I probably should have been out shopping/gardening/doing anything other than what I did.  As you know, my poor chair is still unpainted, and I had some colour charts just sitting there begging to be looked at. Again.  So, using an idea I saw on the internet, I cut them up and made some gift labels for my non-existent presents.  That will teach you to nag at me, Colour chart.

I even went all out and made a Pretend Gift to go with the Real Tag just so you can see what the labels look like.  I'm committed, dear readers.

Time taken: 2 minutes
Cost: $0.  Not only have I saved you one whole dollar for some store-bought ones, but when you get to the part of wrapping up your own last-minute gifts late on Christmas Eve and realize you don't actually have any gift tags, you have also been spared from the need to get in your car, drive all the way across town, struggle to find a carpark, stand in line for half an hour and be served by a disinterested clerk behind the counter who doesn't actually mean it when they say Merry Christmas.  You're welcome).
Result: Cheap and cheerful.

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