Wednesday, 19 December 2012

We washi you a Merry Christmas

After noticing the Santa sign on Aimee's door, the other bedroom door was feeling left out. These doves were inspired by a washi tape bird that I saw on the internet.

I didn't just wake up this morning and was suddenly able to draw, unfortunately, so I printed out a dove template from the internet and drew two outlines on the door. I really must remember to rub out the pencil marks before I take photos.

To achieve this look, I cut some striped tape into thin strips and criss-crossed them.  I soon got tired of that, so I cheated and cut the lime tape and spotted tape to size for the rest.

I like the way it looks when the light hits it.

Cost: $0
Time taken: 1 hour to make one
Result: Let there be peace on earth one washi dove at a time.


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