Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dauddeg, dauddeg un, dauddeg dau

Block 20 was quite a repetitive pattern using a v-stitch.  My finished one seems to be more elongated than the block in the pattern photo - I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me when I crochet the squares together...

Degree of difficulty: Easy
Time taken: 1 hour
Result: An interesting pattern (by interesting I meant boring).

A crochet hook twice the size of the one I am using was specified for Block 21, but, (possibly with the exception of the one pictured above), it doesn't really seem to have mattered that I have used the same sized hook all the way through.

Degree of difficulty: Easy
Time taken: 45 minutes
Result:  I like this one.

Block 22 reminded me of the square I did way back here. The flower hides the pattern underneath, but it really is very similar.  Another small error was found in round 2 (what is with that??  The Row of Certain Doom) and in round 4.  In spite of that, I really enjoyed crocheting this one.  It was quite dark and dreary when I took these photos so I think the camera finally captured the true colour of the yarns used for this blanket:

Degree of difficulty: Easy
Time taken: 45 minutes
Result: Another favourite.

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