Sunday, 9 December 2012

Button wreaths

Determined to try and find a way to include my children in a wreath-making exercise, I decided to downsize the previous project and use buttons instead.  This was much easier and there was no chance that they would burn themselves on hot glue.

Firstly, I cut some black card into circles using a breakfast bowl as the template for the larger circle and a ramekin for the inner circle.

Even though all three girls took part in this activity with me and were sitting close together, we all managed to come up with different coloured wreaths.

Sienna wanted her wreath to be in the Christmas colours so she snaffled all the red and green buttons for her one:

It made me smile that Aimee chose to place her buttons in an orderly fashion around her one, being quite the methodical child that she is:

Renee also chose to use an array of coloured buttons:

I made one just from red buttons. Once the glue had dried (this took hours in the case of Sienna and Aimee who drowned their buttons in it), I attached some ribbon in different lengths and hung them up today.


This was an activity that we all really enjoyed.  Simple really is best sometimes.

Time taken: 10-30 mins
Cost: Averages out to roughly $4 per wreath
Result: I love how they are all unique.


  1. I love these. Sienna's esp. I'm going to copy.

    1. Thanks, I'll tell Sienna about this in the morning, she is pretty proud of her one too. Make sure you blog about your ones too so I can see them.

  2. Very cool! Sienna is getting so big and clever!

  3. Thanks Sara. No matter how big she gets, she'll always be my baby.


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