Sunday, 21 October 2012

Road trip

Taranaki, my childhood home, is a 4 hour drive away from where I live now. It is a place full of natural beauty and is one big adventure playground, something I took for granted while growing up there.  Now, whenever we return for family get-togethers, I can really appreciate the wide open spaces and lifestyle.  We have just returned from spending a long weekend with family there.  Here is our road trip, summed up in a few photographs.

Traffic was moving pretty slowly along the Coastal Highway by the time we left Wellington, so this photo of Kapiti Island was pretty easy to take... was this cute little church in Turakina...

...but three hours into the road trip my husband wasn't as keen to indulge me and my requests to stop and take scenic photos, so you get a shot of the Whanganui River at dusk taken from a moving car.  Sweet.

Gran's Mountain, as my children call it.  Yes, yes it is.  Just hers.  It didn't want to reveal all of itself while we were there, but it's still beautiful.
Mount Egmont/Taranaki

Springtime in a little piece of paradise.

Random signs and sights; the Kiwi sense of humour is alive and well:

Bike fence outside a backpackers in Egmont Village
Jandal fence near Foxton

And home again with our hearts full and our wallets empty.
Wellington Harbour

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