Friday, 12 October 2012

Photo Bomber

One of the most frustrating things about parenthood is never being able to get a decent photograph of all your children together.  By decent, I mean all looking at the camera at the same time, smiles preferred, tidy clothing and faces (and background) are optional.  We have a photo calendar made every year and every year I promise myself not to leave it till the last moment to get a good useable snap.  And here we are, it's the last moment. Again.

It can be hard to get that one shot with just one child, it's nigh on impossible with three. There is always one child who, if they aren't caught mid-blink they are either not looking at all or goofing around.  Here are some of my photo bombs (and yes, it is the same child who is the culprit!  Love you Ruru x):


  1. But she is so sweet in real life she is allowed to have one fault!!!


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