Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Haunted Houses

Feeling very virtuous this morning, I set out to tidy up the girls' craft drawer.  Instead, my valiant attempt to do a spot of spring cleaning morphed into a morning spent doing some paper craft with my children.  Way more fun. We used up some card and foam in doing so, so it still counts as decluttering. Yes, it does.

With Halloween only 22 sleeps away (so my children tell me), they had some fun making haunted houses.  I used this template found at Sarah Jane and there is a great tutorial on her blog if you need a guide:


My older two are getting to an age now where making up scary stories and getting a little bit spooked is fun.  I assumed my youngest was not at that stage so I changed the template slightly to turn it into a castle for her.

Not to be outdone, she drew a spooky tree complete with face beside it.

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