Monday, 8 October 2012

Munted Mundus

My latest furniture restoration project.  I took a chance buying two of these very cool Mundus chairs sight unseen from Trade Me with the intention of restoring them both.  The auction said something along the lines of "Need fixing - wonky when sat on".  Luckily, I was a translator in my life before children so I can read between the lines, albeit belatedly.  By "need fixing" they actually meant "Sucker!" and by "wonky", what they meant was "on the verge of total collapse".

But, all is not lost, my fantastic and patient husband is also very clever and suggested that the least damaged parts of each chair be put together so two broken chairs have become one fairly solid one.  This was a job he gladly took on while I weeded the garden watched on adoringly.  I filled and sanded the old borer holes and now this little lovely just needs a coat of paint.

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