Thursday, 1 August 2013

A golden run

It might appear that I am a bit of a serial giveaway enterer, but let me assure you, I only enter the ones that really float my boat. Looks like my luck's in because I won a Penny Scallan bag recently in a giveaway hosted by Elaina from A Little Bit Country.  I realise I am treading a fine line here between showcasing and show-offing, but I hope you will forgive me as this recent run of good luck never happens to me.

I really loved the woodland/bird design, but since I'm not the one in need of a decent kindy bag, I left the decision up to Aimee and she chose the Russian doll one.

I did contemplate ferreting it away until her birthday next month, but she was so taken with it, I have let her use it.  Over the holidays, it has been a rocket booster pack and general tote bag for all her little treasures.
Forget walking on water, this bag makes children walk on air.
It has been used for her first day back at kindy for the new term and if I weigh it up next to what she had been using, there really is no comparison. It is larger, has more useful compartments and is so sturdy. I no longer feel like I have to zip up the bag very slowly in case I'm left holding the zip in my hand.  The bag lining appears to be waterproof, or at the very least wipeable, which is such a handy feature especially when the contents of my daughter's lunchbox inevitably seem to end up in the bottom of her bag.

This has turned out to be quite the product endorsement, I'm sorry about that, but I am really impressed by its construction and truly happy that we were the lucky recipients of A Little Bit Country's giveaway.

Thank you to Elaina and Penny Scallan for making my three year old very happy.


  1. So glad you love it. It really is a great back pack. Enjoy! xo

  2. Love that picture of her walking with bag in the hallway, surreal and very cute. Thanks for popping glad I've found your lovely blog.


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