Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Special delivery

Almost two weeks ago, I entered a giveaway on Fancy's blog for a set of Acme flat white cups and saucers. Given the number of entries, I didn't fancy my chances (see what I did there?), and so I forgot all about it.  I didn't even check my messages until the day after a winner had been announced, so I got a really nice surprise to find out I had won.

I really wanted a green set, but I put it to a family vote and everyone else wanted either grey or blue, so we went for an even split, which messes with my OCD to have matching sets. Maybe one day, I might just nab a couple more grey ones from Let Liv, who were the generous suppliers of the coffee cups, and then my world will feel as it should again.

The courier arrived with a very large box yesterday afternoon. Ever since, the girls had been waiting so incredibly patiently for me to give the all-clear to open it (had to wait for the right lighting to capture it all yanno), and once I said it was Time, it became a very family affair.

Everything was really, really well packaged.

But so, so worth the wait.

They're even nicer with something in them.

And on them.

Race ya to the bottom.

Thank you Alana and Natalie, our new hot chocolate cups and saucers have our seal of approval.


  1. Replies
    1. Agreed, they are really lovely to hold and have a decent lip too.

  2. The blue is so pretty. Perfect for little hands and hot chocolates xo

    1. All the colours are pretty cool, it was really hard to make a decision, I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. The girls really love them, I think they feel so grown up having a hot drink with me.

  3. Replies
    1. Natalie, without a word of a lie, these cups and saucers totally made our week.

  4. love it, my littlies get SO excited about parcels too (as do i!) I agree those treats on the side highlight the overall awesomeness :o)

    1. Thanks Miriam, licorice tastes pretty nice with hot chocolate too, who knew??!

  5. ooooo exciting! they are gorgeous! Nothing like fun packages in the mail :)


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