Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Hi everybody, and come on in.

Let me introduce myself.  I am a mother to three girls who are the inspiration for much of what I create, and a wife to a fantastic and patient (and handsome) husband who appreciates that I need a creative outlet (and who, sensibly, backs away when the sewing machine comes out!). I may have a slight obsession with fabric and trims, retro furniture and most things vintage but I love contemporary design as well.  Consequently, our home is a fusion of the two and is still a work in progress!

Starting a blog seemed a logical progression to combine my love of writing with my other newly-found passion for sewing.  My mother and grandmother sewed, and I am surrounded by incredibly talented and creative people so it had to rub off on me at some point.  My creative spark was well and truly lit once I had children of my own.  I love to sew for my girls but it hasn't been happening very often lately, which is why I thought a blog would be a good idea so I could get motivated, complete some projects and take on other new crafts that I have always wanted to try.  Which is where the 'dangerous' part of my blog title comes in, this could turn into a complete disaster for everybody in Blogland to see as I try my hand at restyling lovely old pieces of furniture, crochet, do some paper craft and even carry out some room makeover projects.  I won't be trying knitting.  Ever.

I promise I will put up pictures even if the end result is not what I had envisaged.  At the very least someone will get a bit of a laugh out of my tragic attempts.

I have given myself what I hope to be a manageable amount of time to complete each project, surely one month is enough time to produce something?  Isn't it?

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