Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Let's begin

I have had this table forever.  It was one of several pieces of furniture that was given to my then boyfriend (now husband) and I when we first started living together.  As poor students, we were always grateful to be given anything to furnish the flat with but we did decide to paint the surface dark green to match another larger formica cabinet in the house.  Bad move.  Left in its original state, it would be quite a cool retro piece now.  It has got brown metal legs and a handy magazine rack beneath the table. Even its rubber feet are original and still all intact.  It has found a purpose in every house we have moved into since our student days, but in our current home, it has been left gathering dust tucked out of sight behind my bedroom door. Time for your makeover, Mr Formica Table.

I do have dreams to powder coat the metal frame one day, but to keep things simple for this novice, I shall just attempt to restyle the top.  Watch this space.

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