Saturday, 15 September 2012

Paintings, paintings everywhere

Why is it that the artwork that your child has not paid any attention to since it arrived home suddenly becomes their most prized possession the minute they catch you putting it in the rubbish - or worse, discover it already in the bin?  Cue the following:
(wail of indignation from wronged child) "Heeeyyyy, what's this doing in here?"
(parent feigns great surprise) "How did that get in there?" (thinks up lightening-quick feasible reply) "Maybe it got caught up with all the recycling, yeah, that's it, the recycling".
Major trust issues with parent averted but artwork still in the house in a more crumpled form.

There is almost 4 years worth of art that my two eldest children have created in their time at home and kindy, to view them all en masse is slightly overwhelming.  I have managed to sort out and discreetly discard plenty of the repetitive pictures, there's only so many flowers and stick figures a person needs.  Amongst it all there are some really wonderful, vibrant drawings and I love that their artistic progression is shown from mad scrawls and random splotches to the more detailed pictures.

I discovered the perfect solution for displaying their masterpieces and scaling back the mountain of art at the same time.  It's pure genius and can be found under the DIY section at Maisy and Grace.

I have no connection to the owner of the website whatsoever, I just really love her style.

The best part of this was that my daughters were able to help me.  Cutting out a heap of squares and listening to them chat about their drawings and where they wanted to position the vignettes was a lovely way to spend the afternoon together.  There were several paintings that they simply loved and could not bear to cut into so these will be kept in an art folder.  We certainly aren't drowning in paper any more so it was a win-win situation.

It doesn't matter that the squares aren't completely uniform, it all adds to its charm.  It is about 110 centimetres long so it's a real statement piece.  Eventually, there will be three of these framed pictures displayed on our walls, one for each of the children.  It is such a great record of their time at kindergarten and will be absolutely treasured by us all.

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  1. Love love love this idea! Great way to showcase the selection of talent your daughters have! X


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