Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Room that echoes

May is New Zealand Music Month, so in honour of this auspiridicious occasion, all my post titles this month will pay homage to some great and some fairly average Kiwi ditties.

So, my first foray into Fabric-a-brac occurred on the weekend.  I snuck out for an hour to indulge in my favourite past-time of bargain-hunting, but really, it was so heavenly to be sans children for 60 minutes so I could just 'be'.  You understand. For those who have never been to a Fabric-a-brac before, it is an opportunity to rummage through a vast array of vintage fabric and notions, with all proceeds going towards community hospices.   The venue was the Old Museum Grand Hall, quite a spectacular setting and a room that, ahem, echoed.  Too literal?  Too bad.

I generally don't fare too well at these types of events, especially when I am shopping with a particular fabric in mind or I hope to snaffle some beautiful vintage trims and buttons, because when I do that, chances are I won't find what I am seeking, which is exactly what happened on Saturday. I spent a fair amount of time admiring what others had already selected and following them around with half a hope that they would change their mind and put it back on the table.  The drive home was spent regretting the purchases that I didn't make, like the pile of $5 genuine Japanese silk kimonos, the amazing $20 deep green brocade that seemed too expensive at the time that I was holding it but was no longer there when I decided it would be money well-spent, and these vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy curtain panels.

As for what I actually did buy, some gorgeous jewel-toned blue velvet leapt into my hands and decided to stay there.

I also found some jersey knit in blue and hot pink so those will be cut into strips for my crochet rug and I will show you the results of that when I finish.

Here's the video of my title inspiration for my international lovelies, and for other readers who might be too young to remember just how cool the 80's really were. WARNING: Take your socks off before watching this, Maggie's dancing might just blow them off your feet.


  1. I have been meaning to go to a few but never quite make it. Yay for the goodies that you did score! Looking forward to your ditty titles :)

    1. Somehow the planets all aligned last week, hopefully they will for you too so you can make it to one in the future.


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