Sunday, 17 February 2013

Occasional chair project

Sounds a bit swanky doesn't it?  I've never owned a chair that you only sit in every now and then.  It makes me laugh even thinking about the idea of it.

This 50's chair was a bargain secondhand purchase for $20, which became not-so bargainish when it was found to have a loose chair back, a wobbly leg and an unmistakable buttock-shaped indent in the seat *shudder*.

Nevertheless, I love the shape and style of the chair and the buttons, but the fabric is very careworn and faded, and the underside has seen better days:

Fingers crossed that I don't wreck the chair even more.  My plan is to replace the wadding and reupholster the chair, and stain its legs.  Then it will reside in my bedroom and wait to be sat on. Occasionally.


  1. Cool as! I think it definitely has pot (ential)!!

  2. Good on you - I am too scared to take on furniture, although our very stained dining room chair seats could do with being replaced! Can't wait to see the results

    1. I'd never attempt to reupholster a couch or something with heaps of curves for my first reupholstering project. The shape of this chair is quite basic and square, so "theoretically" should be easy to cover. I'll soon find out whether that's true or not!


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