Thursday, 14 February 2013

Crochet heart garland

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day here, my husband thinks it is too commercial.  Every now and then, he surprises me with a romantic gesture, so it's not all doom and gloom.

So, it falls to me to mark this day in some way.  Obviously, what I have created is not a John Cusack boombox moment.  Clearly, this is so much better.  I made some crochet hearts and strung them together to make a little garland.  I planned to make a whole bunch of hearts in different sizes and patterns and festoon the handrail upstairs with them but I settled on five because I thought it would be a nice symbolic representation of the great loves in my life; my husband, my children, my family, my friends and Whittakers Dark Chocolate.  Ha! Who am I kidding?  I just got sick of making them so that's how many ended up on the string. You might say I was feeling a little half-hearted.  I know, I'm hilarious.

Time taken: 1 hour
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Result: Upon seeing my handiwork, my husband shook his head and I even detected a slight cringe. That just made me want to display them in full view on our wedding photo frame even more.  Happy Valentine's Day to all the romantics out there.


  1. Surely you are kidding that that beauty only took an hour. I like the big red one. You are hilarious.

  2. Hand on 'heart', it took 10 minutes to make each one and a little less than that to string them.

  3. They are very cool!! and I love your humour...hehe.

  4. I can imagine the exact same face on Nathan if I did that. You are very funny, gave me a laugh!


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